Difficult Listening Club

A twice monthly group-listening event, where we spend roughly an hour together listening closely to something – something we’d like to take the time to discuss and give our focused attention to for a while.

Not all listening events will have accompanying reading in the form of scores, essays, etc, but it’s nice when that can happen.

Difficult doesn’t mean we always have to listen to things that are dissonant or complex. It just means we want to listen to things closely, no matter the style, technique, or medium.


We meet every other Sunday at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

We try to listen in two sessions – 15-25 minutes of music each with a break between. Each session focuses on the music of one artist. (But we might decide to spend both sessions on one artist sometimes.)

We meet and discuss on IRC in the #difficultlisteningclub channel on freenode.

No special software is required beyond an IRC client and a music player. We pick a start time with time.gov and everyone presses play at the same time.

We share the music we listen to and any relevant essays, scores, etc before each meeting via private links.

To join just send erik@hecanjog.com an email (with some listening suggestions would be great!)

Music is selected by the club members. Here are some suggestions for future listening sessions.

If you need help getting set up on IRC, just ask! The freenode web client is a quick & easy way to join the chat.


November 15th 2020 - Dr. Bonnie Miksch / Rebekah Wilson

Session 1: Dr. Bonnie Miksch

Session 2: Rebekah Wilson

November 1st 2020 - No meeting

October 18th 2020 - Cornelius

Session 1 & 2: Fantasma

October 4th 2020 - Various Artists from Madagascar

Session 1: Various Artists from Madagascar

September 20th 2020 - Cedrik Fermont / Halim El-Dabh

Session 1: Cedrik Fermont

Session 2: Halim El-Dabh

September 6th 2020 - Nobukazu Takemura / Alejandra & Aeron

Session 1: Nobukazu Takemura

Session 2: Alejandra & Aeron

August 23rd 2020 - Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami / David Dunn

Session 1: Toshiya Tsunoda & Taku Unami

Session 2: David Dunn

August 9th 2020 - László Melis / Roberto Cacciapaglia

Session 1: László Melis

Session 2: Roberto Cacciapaglia

July 26th 2020 - Annette Vande Gorne / Francis Dhomont

Session 1: Annette Vande Gorne

Session 2: Francis Dhomont